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I created this site primarily as a place to post columns from various writing gigs over the years. I hope you enjoy them.


The Denver Post:

Every Day, Every Way, We're Going to Pot

Hate Can't Fill Love's Void

Censoring Internet Is Indecent

OK, We Choked the Joke, Now How Do We Get Around This Town?

Boulder Weekly:

Wow! What Stinks?

Unhealthy Obsession: The Religious Right's Insatiable Appetite for Hot Gay Porn

HMOs: Murder for Hire


Stuff I've done -- I should really get a life.


Specific columns listed at left.


Mr. Cranky
Co-founder of and ongoing slave to the Web's most irascible movie site. See why Mr. Cranky pulls in half a million movie fans a month.

Set the Line
Set the Line is where sports fans gather to predict the lines on upcoming games in a bid to be declared the ultimate Internet oddsmaker. Jump into our online "odds market" to see if your team's stock is up or down!


Bug Bash
A comic strip about managing technology. Updated every Monday.

Where the Buffalo Roam
The Internet's first comic strip, which spawned two books, umpteen t-shirts and redefined "inappropriate" in the context of the comic pages.

Cafe Angst
The adventures of a beleaguered wait staff, a secret agent cook, and a pack of bears with a penchant for pizza and hockey. A Denver Post staple from 1995 - 1998.

Check out this new feature, now currently under development and being repeatedly flung at unwitting Seattle-area publications!


My apologies to anyone who was permanently scarred after viewing the independent film based on the "Where the Buffalo Roam" comic strip. Luckily, it didn't get far on foot.

day job

By day, I'm the "Calendar Guy" at a large northwest software company. Press: CNET Seattle Times